Love is a choice — to remember.

Salamat, hanggang sa muli.

Maybe, Definitely

It just occurred to me.
The last phrase to complete –
a label,
a part,
of me.
Whereas before, it was only:

I like girls.
I don’t know if,
it’s an also, or an only.

Now it’s:

I like girls.
I don’t know if
it’s an also,
or an only;
one thing’s for sure though,

I like girls.

I’m stuck between now and the future… so I’m living in the past.

Maybe It’s The World, Tired of Everything

Scared by the heavy rain
Feels like the void’s trying to drown me in
‘Cause it got too angry and now it’s swallowin’
Everything inside, like a blackhole collapsin’

A Girl That For A Moment Made Me Happy

Maybe I really should have said goodbye so a hello wouldn’t be that awkward…

On another note, the title is from a song by Sagegas called The Girl That Made Me Happy. It’s really good, you guys should check it out!


My paper and pen, poised
My eyes, fixated
Everything, ready 
to capture – the moment, the thoughts
And yet, the words…
the words, they –

Prompt: The Daily Post

Missed Chances

Don’t mess with me
Don’t look at me like that.
Don’t look as if –
Don’t look at me
like you’re in love,
And you’ve just realized it,



Ang kwento nila ang buwan daw,
Pero ikaw?
‘Di ko naman kinabaliwan (buti na lang)
Pero… di ko makakailang
Sa pagitan ng mga araw ko
‘Wari ba’y may mga minuto na tumitigil ang mundo
Kung saan naalala kita
Bahagyang nalulungkot…
Dahil tulad ng buwan
Na ilang beses ko nang pilit inaabot
Hanggang ngayon, pareho kayong
Hanggang tingin ko na lamang

Live life like you mean it.


There’s this video on Facebook and I want to share it here too, because I was not able to put captions on the one I shared there. The thing is, I was stumped because it took a long time for me to make that post go public and label with it captions that I deemed enough to say what’s my take on that, which I sadly didn’t get to do because of personal reasons.

After that moment I realized how powerless I am against personal preferences-turned-society standards that are still prevalent today. How voiceless and weak-willed I have gotten because of all the “NO” that I’ve received all these years. I cannot say I love motorcycles because the people around me deem it to be dangerous and relatively useless compared to cars which I am currently learning to drive because they said so. I cannot voice aloud how utterly illogical and downright inhumane it is to shame women because of their sexual preferences, because my religion says that a woman of worth is a woman who has not yet had sex before marriage.

I cannot voice out aloud and do things that I love, or be who I really am, because all my life, I was faced with anger, rejection, and disgust every time I tried to do those.

From my childhood the word NO was screaming at my face, and yet over time I simply forgot about it, because I hadn’t noticed how I was regressing, devolving into something that was expected of me. Until now.

So I’ll say it: I think we need to rethink the way we go about rejecting and accepting things. We need to remember, every time, the distinction between personal preferences and standards. You don’t apply standards to people. If you don’t like things, then say it straight and firm to that person’s face. No excuses. No bullshit about this is why I hate you because I’ve made it a point to abide by some standard that’s actually just some other people’s preference without really thinking about it. No passive aggressive or actions in general. Just plain say it.

With this, I also want to express my appreciation for those people who do have the courage to speak out against the fucking bullshit treatment people give to others just because they think they have the power to do so– because the current society gave them the power to do so. I may not have the same courage as you do, but one day, maybe I would not need to muster the same amount of courage because of all the progress you’ve made in abolishing those standards/changing our society. For that, thank you.

And to people like me, one day, we will find our voice again. Until then, be safe, and remember that you are not alone. There are many amongst us that are with you. Even if you won’t find your voice in this lifetime, we will be your voice. Your children could be your voice, and the future civilization could be, too. All it takes is for your flames to burn alive within you, inconspicuously or a bright blaze, it doesn’t matter whichever, because these will surely ignite the life of those singing the same melody as you.

It’s not just that I think I’ve lost my mind… I think I’ve also lost my heart–









to you.

The largest river on Earth is invisible — and airborne

Source: The largest river on Earth is invisible — and airborne

It’s Your Fault (Probably)

She hates how it’s so fucking easy to fall in love, and yet a million times harder to fall out of it.

And all it took was one look for me to fall; there’s no way to go back at all.

Inner Peace or Something Else?

Is this it?

You never thought it would be possible for your feelings to escape you. Not in the sense that you can’t describe them at all; in fact, you have nothing to describe, nothing you can grasp — to hold on to. Whereas before there’s this ball of jumbled feelings weighing down in your core, now there’s nothing, and the thing that “scares” you is that it doesn’t seem as if you feel lighter — it’s as if you are disconnected, detached, from the world and yet at the same time you aren’t. You are not even sure if it’s a good thing or not, because you aren’t really just going through the motions and yet you aren’t resisting either.

The Ones We Don’t Talk About

I want a society where we can talk about anything, where we talk about everything. I want a society where there’s a constant buzz in the background, the mix of a thousand topics and languages, hauntingly beautiful in its rawness–not a hushed silence, nor the way too loud thought(s) and voice(s) of an individual or a few select people. I want a society that cares enough honestly to talk about something that can be painful or uncomfortable to voice aloud. I want a society which understands that everything is in a constant state of change that we have no control over, and clinging onto history, evidences–the past–unconsciously or not, while disregarding the existence of other impossible possibilities is futile, counterintuitive, and perhaps even dangerous, for a moment in Life may as well already have been a whole lifetime.

When you’re craving and yet, not craving… 😜

One Last Cry


One last drink before I leave it all behind


protein = wakey ; sugar = sleepy ; protein + sugar = ???


And I thought it was supposed to be sugar rush…

You didn’t realize that eating sweets or at least sugary stuff made you… sleepy. It’s not as if you’re full, but seriously, why the hell did they make you suddenly sleepy?

The Paradox of the Present

If you can’t recognize it for what it is without its wrappings, you can never truly appreciate it, much less say that you really know what it is. And yet, even if you stumble upon that moment where you can say that you’ve truly seen it, in the blink of an eye, it morphs away into something else — growing, shrinking, expanding, contracting; but never disappearing.

Microaggression U: Racism at Yale, from Students’ Perspectives

“That feeling of safety, of doing well, affects how many risks you take. If you feel unsafe you take less risks, and you grow less.”

If we want to change for the better, this is one of those that can make us realize what we’ve been missing all along. And it’s not just about race. It’s about everything we find different from ourselves and suffer our rejection. Rejection is fine, given that we made an effort to understand, there are just times that we can’t really please everybody; when this, however, turns into aggression and/or shaming–oppression, now that’s a different story.

Source: Microaggression U: Racism at Yale, from Students’ Perspectives

Transcend your own bullshit.


You should not eat that much, especially when you still have work to do on those late nights. It makes you sleepy and the last thing you want, of course, is to sleep. That is, even if you’d just rather sleep all day and eateateateat.


You’re at your breaking point. For the past few days, heck no–past week and few days–you haven’t slept that well. It’s wearing you down; you can feel it in your bones, in your bloodstream, in the way your heart suddenly seems to be a fragile beating thing. You just want it to end, and yet you are not sure if the end would bring a new beginning or you’d just be stuck on a loop, doomed to repeat all the shit you’ve gone through because of your own goddamn stupidity. Whatever it is that’s making you have this resolve to fucking try and see things to the end and fucking fight, you’re quite thankful for, but not that much. It’s not the kind that makes you want to live anyway. It’s not even close to hope. But there it is. And for now, you could live with that.

Lauren blinks at her for a second, because it’s actually kind of jarring to prepare your defenses and then not have to use them, and finally she clears her throat.

full of that fire by KelseyO


Quit making yourself fast, and start making yourself one.

And I thought I loved sleeping

Finally about to sleep. Hope I can wake up by 8. Hahaha sheesh I’ve really got to manage my time wisely and not repeat this stuff.

It’s 4 am and I’m still not yet asleep

I’ve got things to do and yet here I am

Thinking of what to write, trying to get a grip