Maybe, Definitely

It just occurred to me.
The last phrase to complete –
a label,
a part,
of me.
Whereas before, it was only:

I like girls.
I don’t know if,
it’s an also, or an only.

Now it’s:

I like girls.
I don’t know if
it’s an also,
or an only;
one thing’s for sure though,

I like girls.


Maybe It’s The World, Tired of Everything

Scared by the heavy rain
Feels like the void’s trying to drown me in
‘Cause it got too angry and now it’s swallowin’
Everything inside, like a blackhole collapsin’

The Ones We Don’t Talk About

I want a society where we can talk about anything, where we talk about everything. I want a society where there’s a constant buzz in the background, the mix of a thousand topics and languages, hauntingly beautiful in its rawness–not a hushed silence, nor the way too loud thought(s) and voice(s) of an individual or a few select people. I want a society that cares enough honestly to talk about something that can be painful or uncomfortable to voice aloud. I want a society which understands that everything is in a constant state of change that we have no control over, and clinging onto history, evidences–the past–unconsciously or not, while disregarding the existence of other impossible possibilities is futile, counterintuitive, and perhaps even dangerous, for a moment in Life may as well already have been a whole lifetime.

When you’re craving and yet, not craving… 😜

One Last Cry


One last drink before I leave it all behind

And I thought it was supposed to be sugar rush…

You didn’t realize that eating sweets or at least sugary stuff made you… sleepy. It’s not as if you’re full, but seriously, why the hell did they make you suddenly sleepy?


You should not eat that much, especially when you still have work to do on those late nights. It makes you sleepy and the last thing you want, of course, is to sleep. That is, even if you’d just rather sleep all day and eateateateat.

Lauren blinks at her for a second, because it’s actually kind of jarring to prepare your defenses and then not have to use them, and finally she clears her throat.

full of that fire by KelseyO


And I thought I loved sleeping

Finally about to sleep. Hope I can wake up by 8. Hahaha sheesh I’ve really got to manage my time wisely and not repeat this stuff.