Maybe, Definitely

It just occurred to me.
The last phrase to complete –
a label,
a part,
of me.
Whereas before, it was only:

I like girls.
I don’t know if,
it’s an also, or an only.

Now it’s:

I like girls.
I don’t know if
it’s an also,
or an only;
one thing’s for sure though,

I like girls.


I’m stuck between now and the future… so I’m living in the past.

Maybe It’s The World, Tired of Everything

Scared by the heavy rain
Feels like the void’s trying to drown me in
‘Cause it got too angry and now it’s swallowin’
Everything inside, like a blackhole collapsin’

Lauren blinks at her for a second, because it’s actually kind of jarring to prepare your defenses and then not have to use them, and finally she clears her throat.

full of that fire by KelseyO