Salamat, hanggang sa muli.

A Girl That For A Moment Made Me Happy

Maybe I really should have said goodbye so a hello wouldn’t be that awkward…

On another note, the title is from a song by Sagegas called The Girl That Made Me Happy. It’s really good, you guys should check it out!

Love is a choice — to remember.

Missed Chances

Don’t mess with me
Don’t look at me like that.
Don’t look as if –
Don’t look at me
like you’re in love,
And you’ve just realized it,


It’s not just that I think I’ve lost my mind… I think I’ve also lost my heart–









to you.

It’s Your Fault (Probably)

She hates how it’s so fucking easy to fall in love, and yet a million times harder to fall out of it.

And all it took was one look for me to fall; there’s no way to go back at all.

The Paradox of the Present

If you can’t recognize it for what it is without its wrappings, you can never truly appreciate it, much less say that you really know what it is. And yet, even if you stumble upon that moment where you can say that you’ve truly seen it, in the blink of an eye, it morphs away into something else — growing, shrinking, expanding, contracting; but never disappearing.